Hopefully, I will be posting some pictures soon (been so busy, I haven’t taken any). The person I had for a secret santa gift exchange got her gift. She lives in the cold north, so I made her a nice warm beanie with Ultra Alpaca (I love love love this yarn!), and made cat ears. I also pierced the tips of the ears with gems. She told me everyone has been complimenting her and some can’t believe it was handmade. She also said it is so soft and warm and will be getting a lot of use out of it. This is a good thing, because it’s one of my newer hats that I’ve made since getting a new yarn supplier, which is what I’m going to be using for hats for the site.

I’m going to be making a few hats to put up on ebay, so I can get some extra money to put into the business. They won’t be the hats I’ll be featuring on the site, but the yarns are still lovely and soft. Once I get that set up, I will post a link.


My goal today is to finish up both a baby hat and another one I’ve been working on. I may start on one or two others.

For Christmas, my brother told me he was going to register and host a website for me for my present. That was really sweet of him. He kept telling me everyone loved his hat I made for him, and that he knows that if I have my own site, he (and my family, because everyone loves theirs as well) can help advertise the site. I love crocheting, I love making hats and doing different things, and I think it would be awesome to have a site that showcases hats I’ve made, and a section to take custom orders as well as some that are already made. I’m a bit nervous, because even though I’m sure it won’t be too overwhelming, I hope I’m not biting off more than I can chew.

Going back home to visit my family for a few days.  I’m bringing some yarn with me, so I’ll have some pictures to post hopefully.

Hope everyone is enjoying the holidays!

Hats, hats, everywhere

On the bus yesterday, the entire family was complimented on our hats.  It made me smile, considering I made them.  It’s always nice to hear nice things about something you made with your own two hands.

The one I wore was a mohair blend with black, reds and blues in it, I used a black cashmere blend to make a ribbed trim.  My hubby wore his warm alpaca/ highland wool hat I made him that he just loves and wears everywhere.  Our oldest wore an older one I made with my great grandmother’s yarn, it’s red, a bit older looking style-wise, and has a flower on it. The baby wore her camo hat.  I finally got the materials for her winter hat so I worked on that on the bus.  I’m finishing that one up today.  There is some gray, pink, blue and a few other pale colors in the main part, and it is being trimmed with a long, furry type yarn (the best way I can describe it would be to think of a muppet’s hair.  I love it!).  I cannot wait to post pictures.

I’m going to start posting pictures of my work.  I have some ideas I am working on and hopefully within the new year, I will have a website up and running featuring hat’s I’ve made and also taking orders.

I hope everyone’s holidays are merry and bright.  I must go and help bake cookies for Santa.