Sometimes the difference in screen color…

… and the actual color of a yarn ordered turn out to be a good thing. I was looking for a royal blue, and yesterday it came in the mail and ended up being a really pretty purplish blue (but not the shade I needed for the specific project). So, now, I have another yarn to add to the stash that I’m already getting ideas for. I ordered (hopefully) the correct shade (it’s difficult when the yarn you choose has hundreds of shades to choose from).

I’m almost finished with not only my family’s orders, but for shoots for the upcoming site (, plus a few to put up on ebay. I shouldn’t even be on the computer right now, I should be crocheting my little fingers off, because I have had a few more inquiries and don’t want to get behind on anything.

If anyone has any questions/ comments feel free to post them in my entries. If you are interested in a custom hat, email me at

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Thursday!


Finally, some pictures!

So, I finally got some pictures of two baby hats I made. One for Greg’s friend, and one for our daughter. I’m going to have more pictures tomorrow, as I am finishing up a few. My aunt just gave me a big order on top of the one my mom gave me. I’m going to have to get the site set up soon, because they want to pass out business cards for me.

my baby's new hat

my baby's new hat

Made for my hubby's friend.

Made for my hubby's friend.

Well, I’m off to go work on some more stuff. I have a cute angora hat that will definitely be posted later tonight, along with some others.

Hope everyone is having a great day!