Things have been a bit crazy

Been taking a little bit of a break. Things have been hectic. Finished a whole bunch of hats. I think I bit off more than I could chew since they caused a bit of stress.

I’ve been keeping myself busy with ChaCha, which by the way is hiring again. To sign up to become a guide, go to and use the email address when signing up.

It’s actually a cool job to have, answering text messages people send in. I love it because I learn a TON of interesting facts every day. It actually does pay, and you can work however many hours you want. Since I’m doing the stay-at-home-mom thing, I work a good amount of hours per week. Even doing a few questions here and there can give you a little extra money, even if it’s just to go out on the weekend without having to choose between that and the following week’s lunch.

I really recommend it, especially in this economy, where some people are either between jobs, been laid off, or just having a hard time finding work. It is good for extra money, or if you want to do it full time, it’s a great way to give yourself a little bit more income until you get back on your feet.


Been so busy

I know I’ve promised more pictures, but I’m going to wait until I have all the orders I am working on finished. I’m very proud with how they turned out, and hope the recipients enjoy them as well.

I’ve been mainly sitting around and between crocheting, I’ve been working on a lot of business aspects so that I can make sure I do everything the correct way.

I want to provide a place for everyone to either look at fun and different hats to enjoy, or to order for yourselves (and as always custom orders are always open.

Right now, I’m about a week behind. With a teething baby, and a sick 6 year old, it’s been rough trying to juggle my other stay-at-home work, working on hats, and taking care of the kiddos. I don’t make much, but the great thing is I can spend all day with the kids (well, the oldest goes to school most of the day). To me, that is important. I would rather spend time with my children than have them bounce around from sitter to daycare just so I can bring in lots of money. What’s the point of making a lot of money when you can’t enjoy quality family time?  That’s why I’m hoping this hat business helps a bit, so that I can help out more, and keep my time with the little ones.

I apologize for the rambling, another night, another teething experience.

Ta-ta for now.

If you are interested in any hats, please comment, or send an email to I will also be putting hand made items on ebay, so keep your eyes peeled.