Things have been a bit crazy

Been taking a little bit of a break. Things have been hectic. Finished a whole bunch of hats. I think I bit off more than I could chew since they caused a bit of stress.

I’ve been keeping myself busy with ChaCha, which by the way is hiring again. To sign up to become a guide, go to and use the email address when signing up.

It’s actually a cool job to have, answering text messages people send in. I love it because I learn a TON of interesting facts every day. It actually does pay, and you can work however many hours you want. Since I’m doing the stay-at-home-mom thing, I work a good amount of hours per week. Even doing a few questions here and there can give you a little extra money, even if it’s just to go out on the weekend without having to choose between that and the following week’s lunch.

I really recommend it, especially in this economy, where some people are either between jobs, been laid off, or just having a hard time finding work. It is good for extra money, or if you want to do it full time, it’s a great way to give yourself a little bit more income until you get back on your feet.


Help support the American Heart Associations Jump Rope for the heart.

My daughter’s school is participating in this program to raise funds for the American Heart Association’s Jump Rope for the Heart. Her school will qualify for free physical education equipment based on what is raised, to get the kids more active and try to help cut down on childhood obesity.  I am very big on charities (when I put something up on Ebay, I choose to donate proceeds to depression and bipolar support, to raise awareness.  My biggest goal is to eventually participate in Habitat for Humanity), it’s very important to me, and I’m proud to get my daughter involved and interested in helping others, especially at her age. If you would like to make a donation, please visit: .

It would be greatly appreciated, as heart disease is the number one killer, and it’s important to be able to get as much information out there to people to try to prevent it. Not only that, but if her school can qualify for phys ed equipment that would be awesome, because the more active children are, the lower the risk of childhood obesity.

MORE HAT PICS COMING SOON!!!!! Working on a few things right now that my family wanted, so I’m going to wait until I finish that to take pictures of everything I have done so far.

I know it has been a while

A whole bunch has been going n- between a pipe freezing and bursting into our “living room” (it’s actually in the basement, but where we spend most of the time as livingrooms with hardwood floors and babies don’t mix).

So, we’ve been trying to get things organized and it has been crazy. I lost some yarn in the fiasco. I think they removed 100 gallons of water from the carpet (between using a special vacuum, a dehumidifier, and fans), this week they finally started putting the ceiling back together, and Wednesday, the carpet will be installed. Then all kinds of stress with be over.

I’m going through some of my yarns that did make it (not the yarns I’m using for my website, mind you) and putting some up on Ebay. So far I relisted the pretty princess hat

Now, when I list, a percentage of the sales goes to a charity of my choice.  I have chosen to give 25% of the final sale prices to support Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance.

It is something near and dear to my heart, and I want to be able to help those who need the important support it takes to help cope and understand Bipolar disorder and depression.

I’ve decided on top of the hats I plan to sell on my site (once all this stress goes away, which should be soon), I will continue to sell single hats on Ebay to continue donating the proceeds of my sales.

I promise, I’ll be more active soon. It’s just been lots of things going on, that have just kept piling up.


Been so busy

I know I’ve promised more pictures, but I’m going to wait until I have all the orders I am working on finished. I’m very proud with how they turned out, and hope the recipients enjoy them as well.

I’ve been mainly sitting around and between crocheting, I’ve been working on a lot of business aspects so that I can make sure I do everything the correct way.

I want to provide a place for everyone to either look at fun and different hats to enjoy, or to order for yourselves (and as always custom orders are always open.

Right now, I’m about a week behind. With a teething baby, and a sick 6 year old, it’s been rough trying to juggle my other stay-at-home work, working on hats, and taking care of the kiddos. I don’t make much, but the great thing is I can spend all day with the kids (well, the oldest goes to school most of the day). To me, that is important. I would rather spend time with my children than have them bounce around from sitter to daycare just so I can bring in lots of money. What’s the point of making a lot of money when you can’t enjoy quality family time?  That’s why I’m hoping this hat business helps a bit, so that I can help out more, and keep my time with the little ones.

I apologize for the rambling, another night, another teething experience.

Ta-ta for now.

If you are interested in any hats, please comment, or send an email to I will also be putting hand made items on ebay, so keep your eyes peeled.

No go on the camera

So, it turned out the store didn’t have the camera we wanted, however, we did find on the store’s website for even less (including shipping) that comes with a 2 gig card. It doesn’t ship to the store, but I’m willing to sacrifice a trip out to the store to get it on my door step.

Don’t get me wrong, the camera I have gets the job done, but it’s just not the quality camera I need when I take pictures of my hats to put on I want it to look really good and professional. It helps having an awesome photographer help me out, but there’s going to be some I post, whether for ebay auctions or to show off something I made for a friend or family member to put in my “custom” gallery, I want them to look nice.

I’m still half asleep. Tooth number 3 is coming in for the baby. She has not been happy the past few days.

Off to go work on finishing some projects, I need to send out boxes next week!

Sometimes the difference in screen color…

… and the actual color of a yarn ordered turn out to be a good thing. I was looking for a royal blue, and yesterday it came in the mail and ended up being a really pretty purplish blue (but not the shade I needed for the specific project). So, now, I have another yarn to add to the stash that I’m already getting ideas for. I ordered (hopefully) the correct shade (it’s difficult when the yarn you choose has hundreds of shades to choose from).

I’m almost finished with not only my family’s orders, but for shoots for the upcoming site (, plus a few to put up on ebay. I shouldn’t even be on the computer right now, I should be crocheting my little fingers off, because I have had a few more inquiries and don’t want to get behind on anything.

If anyone has any questions/ comments feel free to post them in my entries. If you are interested in a custom hat, email me at

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Thursday!

At least I will get a lot done today.

I have to finish up hats for my mom, my aunt, the photographer, a few small orders and a couple to put up on Ebay. At least the hubby is home to watch the baby so I can get it accomplished easier by staying in my “zone” without any interruptions (He is wonderful enough to play mommy on his days off to give me a break. It’s wonderful!).

Well, off to start working.